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Smaller is Better

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Book cover of 'Smaller is Better' by Brady Brim-DeForest with a balance scale graphic and a quote by Sir Martin Sorrell

This new breakthrough book from Brady Brim-DeForest is the step-by-step guide on how to recapture your organization's spirit of innovation by empowering small autonomous teams focused on your most important missions.

Brady Brim-DeForest

“A highly engaging, team-oriented approach to management”

Kirkus Reviews

A highly engaging, team-oriented approach to management

Kirkus Reviews

If you're a leader in a large company, and you want to make a difference, this is a book you should read.

Ryan McQuaid
EVP Product, Accolade

To paraphrase the Navy SEALS, 'small is smooth, and smooth is fast.' Small, focused teams that trust each other can get more done faster. Read this book and go fast!

Brady Forrest
Founder, Ignite Talks

This book is the manifesto for leaders who are ready to revolutionize their organizations. Brady Brim-DeForest redefines success for any business and his own history of multiple successes proves the model. Read this book only if you want to win!

Jeffrey Hayzlett
Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Speaker, Author and Part-Time Cowboy

I have known Brady to be a rare talent and independent thinker in an industry where the only constant is change. He takes a pragmatic approach to solving the most vexing of challenges, the most important of which is effective innovation within large organizations. This book provides a road map that will undoubtedly prove valuable to every professional who reads it.

Lance Maerov
former EVP of Corporate Development at WPP, and founder of Dinmont Ridge

Not every book I read sticks with me, but this one absolutely does. From the real-world examples of every principle, to the step-by-step guide to implementing small teams in a large division, Brady layers one good idea on the next. The strategic payoff of leveraging waste alone makes it worth the price of admission! Inspired and useful

Adam Jackson
Co-founder of Braintrust Network

A brilliant and persuasive antidote to 'top-down' corporate decision making. The driving principle behind Smaller Is Better is that small, semi-autonomous teams tasked with individual projects can revive the kind of creative entrepreneurial spirit that falls to the wayside when bureaucracy takes over. An absolute must-read for corporate leaders who want their organizations to stay adaptable and competitive during an age of fast-paced change.

Richard Bayan
author of Words That Sell

If microchips, phones, and hairdryers keep getting smaller while becoming more efficient, why aren't business processes? Brady Brim-DeForest tells you why and how in this very original book.

Alan Weiss
PhD, author of Sentient Strategy and over 60 other books

If you're looking for a comprehensive guide to leveraging the power of Lean principles in the enterprise, using tried and true methods across many industries, look no further than Smaller is Better.

Patrick Vlaskovits
NYT Bestselling author of The Lean Entrepreneur and Hustle

I'm glad someone said it out loud — smaller is better. Counterintuitive and bold. Brady has practical advice for getting the biggest business impacts delivered through focused ninja teams. At the heart of making the biggest ideas come to life are always a core, small team. Must read!

Sandeep Kishore
Founder and CEO & Founder of Agivant Technologies, former Corp. Vice President, HCL Technologies

Brady Brim-DeForest understands the opportunities and challenges facing large organizations and how to innovate and de-risk at scale. Read what he has to say.

Sir Martin Sorrell
Chairman of S4 Capital, and Founder, WPP

Smaller is Better explores how large organizations and public institutions can address contemporary challenges by empowering small, autonomous teams to undertake specific missions. Drawing from Brady's firsthand experiences, the book provides a practical blueprint for intelligently breaking down and solving large-scale problems, making it an insightful and valuable read.

David Recordon
Director of White House Technology under the Obama and Biden administrations

I've been saying for years that the table stakes for high-performing organizations is nimble, autonomous teams with clear direction, and Brady shows how to make that happen, step by step, in a large organization. Extremely well written, practical, and worth the read.

Christina Wodtke
bestselling author of Radical Focus

Change is hard, and making change happen is even harder. Brady Brim-DeForest doesn't make change easy —no one can do that— but he makes the process very clear and easy to follow step by step. Whether you are teaching dinosaurs to dance or putting together the next unicorn, 'Smaller is Better' should be on your bookshelf and in your tool kit.

Ethan M. Rasiel
author of The McKinsey Way and The McKinsey Mind

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Smaller is Better

Over the past 20 years, Brady has helped some of the world's most highly regarded institutions rethink the way they are preparing for, and advancing into the future. His first book, Smaller is Better, serves as a primer for ambitious enterprise leaders to transform the way their organizations innovate from the inside out.

Smaller is Better uses real-world examples of companies who have saved billions and shaved years off their product innovation cycles using small, empowered teams.

Discover how to form nimble, autonomous teams, optimize them for mission, and scale across your organization. Improve both innovation and delivery while amping up customer satisfaction. Best of all, learn ways to get full buy-in from company leaders—and how you can “start small” today, with or without C-suite support.

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About Brady

Serial entrepreneur Brady Brim-DeForest is CEO of Formula.Monks , the technology solutions division of Media.Monks, which transforms the world's most ambitious companies with AI.

Portrait of Brady Brim-DeForest

He has co-founded six successful startups, closed sales worth over $250 million, and helped global,monolithic organizations reorganize for innovation. An in-demand mentor, speaker, and writer on AI, innovation, entrepreneurship, and diversity, Brady has more than 20 years of experience in product design, brand strategy, and startup management.

He is a Life Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and the Royal Anthropological Institute.